One step forward…two steps back!!



and a silent scream….

so….after the fantastic help I received from my last post and the cryptic code of row 9 of my crochet flowered square.  I successfully managed to decipher the code with the help of a simple full stop added to the pattern. To my amazement, it all became clear. 

Now, to my absolute horror, I have now discovered upon completing said “row 9” that I have made a huge error on row 8 !!! Or in fact, any of the rows from 1-8.  I have one too many petals to my flower, making it now very NOT square.  I have to start again…From number one…silly, stupid me! I so frustrated. Image

My only saving grace is that hopefully I can use the flower as a single appliqué on something else, where my extra petal won’t be noticed. 

How frustrating! I’m not going to let this hamper my crochet curiosity though..I will plough on..I will not be beaten by this !! 

Thank you for your help 🙂 


Stocking up the Stash !!

I promised myself that today I would make time to go to the sewing shops to check out the stock.

I found two shops in a local town which I could have been in for hours was it not for having the bloke with me. He is quite enthusiastic, but not in the way that we like to delve through the shelves for ages enthusiastic! I must return to these shops with my mum!

I did treat myself to a few new bits and bobs. Some lovely fat quarters, one has a camper van pattern on and another pretty one.

I purchased some ribbons ready for Xmas makes, some embroidery scissors, another seam ripper as I keep losing the somehow?

Then I took myself off to the wool shop and brought a navy, deep red and Christmas green wool. Just waiting for some inspiration.

All I need now is some time to create something…hopefully tomorrow 🙂



I’m on a roll! is a matching pillow for my owl affair. I might put some owls on this one too,

Quite amusingly the reverse of the pillow is made from the button band of an old work shirt! There is no longer such a thing as waste clothes in my house. I will soon be taking the buttons from everyone’s clothes


what shall I make next? …….

An owl affair :)

At last!, I have finally finished my crochet project!

Here is my finished crochet pillow.  It started out as you know as a weekend project and has taken me all of the week to complete.  Mainly as I was waiting for the delivery of the ribbon.  Whilst I was waiting, I carried on creating more squares for pillow number two!

I must say, I have really enjoyed making this and it did become a bit of an obsession.  I have literally been making it with every spare minute that I have had!  I am quite impressed with it and I l0ve the cute little owls !

I would like to add that I dont think I could of done it if I hadnt have found some great help online from an amazing blogger  Her great step by step guides with pictures was a great help and really got me on my way.  The little owls I found from another great site – ‘repeat crafter me’

As for the reverse of the pillow, this was a mixture of some Laura Ashley material given to me and some other materal that is mean to be for my patchwork quilt ! (I only use a bit)

I hope you like it 🙂 I am really impressed even if I can say so myself


Yay, it’s the weekend! What shall I make?…

So, it’s snowing and I have a whole weekend off work. The shopping is done, the housework is pretty much all done, so I think it’s time to make something but not too sure whether to soldier on with squares until I have enough for a pillow or to look on the Internet for a small makey make.  There are some great little projects I have found online, but don’t know if my skills are quite that good yet.  But I guess there is only one way to find out hey!

Here are some photos of my granny square progress this week.


Yay!!! Squares!!!


Woohooo!! After another evening of tangled wool and a few choice words, I have successfully created two crochet squares! (I say patting my own back)

now I know that the more experienced crocheter will see the flaws but to me, they are just great! I found a really simple step by step guide online, with pictures. I intend to keep practicing with different square variations and hopefully end up with something.

This is now my second WIP with my patchwork quilt being the other one.

I am really enjoying my love of crafts and these little projects that I keep finding.  I hope to keep progressing through various makes and create some wonderful things. 

Right now, these squares will become either a blanket or a pillow.