All wrapped up :)

Ok, I’m on a roll!!

Day three of my week off work and I have finished my third project.  A pretty cover for my sewing machine.

In true ‘me’ style, I had a few glitches along the way.  Mainly being I hadn’t allowed for the fact my machine cover is curved, I could’ve done with allowing another few centemetres of fabric. It’s rather ‘snug’ shall we say. But hey, it fits!

The material I have had for a while waiting for inspiration, it had to belong somewhere in my sewing room.  I think its lovely, it has a fun pattern of little sewing machines, cotton reels, scissors etc, so it’s perfect for what I’ve used it for.

I finished it off with a big draping bow to add a little something different to it and to cover up the handle area.

It sits pride of place on my sewing table, which is a vintage drop leaf table I snapped up for a bargain off eBay a few weeks ago! I love a bargain!



Pretty placemats

On a scale of 1/10, I must say I am over the moon with today’s creation and give myself a near 9! I have made four placemats to add my own touch to our dining table.

Ive been on the hunt for some pretty ones for a while and have only just had the brainwave to make my own. The poppy flower material is a linen Laura Ashley fabric that was amongst one of the gifted stashes given to my by a friend. The boarder is a matchired deep red linen I have added. The reverse IOC the mats are of the same plain red.

I will be honest and say that my edges aren’t necessarily dead straight, but I love them. Especially when they are dressed with the other items on the table sourced from various places, which I knew one day, would somehow all come together.

I guess I need to make some napkins to complete the table ………..

Hope you like them 🙂

Pretty lunch bag!

It’s has been so long since I last blogged. Life has been so hectic! what with being busy at work all day, hitting the gym most evenings and having some hot and sticky weekends, this hasn’t left much time to sew.  Which doesn’t please me as I love to sew. Unfortunately we can’t do it all can we.

My new healthy routine now involves me taking my own lunch to work and ensuring I’ve got plenty of fruit to nibble on. (which is working by the way, I’ve lost 21lb so far!) I normally take all of this to work in any bag I can find in the cupboard and have been thinking for a while about making my own. So this evening after work, I set to making a lunch bag. Please bear in mind that I have never made a bag before.

I made the size of the bag with what I take to work in mind. It was rather taxing at times, not knowing what order to sew it all in! I’ve even managed to even sew in a lining!!! Now it’s not perfect as far as professionals go, but for me, it’s another little something that I’ve taught myself to make. I’m very happy with my little bag!

Im even strangely looking forward to Monday so I can take it to work and show it off.

Hope you like it xxx

image image image image image

Storage solution

This blog is related to my sewing … Honest 🙂

I have gained so much ‘stuff’ during my sewing journey so far. I have been storing my delights in various boxes and containers stashed in my wardrobe. It was beginning to take over the wardrobe, so I have been out today and purchased me a vintage sideboard. It has loads of storage (or had, I’ve filled it!)I love it! It also so has some handy drawers for storing ‘bits and bobs’

whilt I was hunting around the second hand furniture shop, I also came across an old singer sewing machine. I didn’t buy it, but had to take a photo!

Look at this beauty!

Full up already!

I love it!

My little kitten dexter was most helpful with a suggestion of how to use one of the empty storage boxes!

My little kitten dexter was most helpful with a suggestion of how to use one of the empty storage boxes!

Pretty owl <3

Yes I’ve been at it again! To be honest I think my sewing machine has become a bit of an addiction this week. The more I learn the more I want to sew. Please bear in mind that I am a complete sewing machine novice And loving every minute of learning.  It is also speeding up my makes dramatically which is spurring me on to make more.

I am also stockpiling my makes as I have been invited to have a stall at a fete in August. The way I see it, I enjoy making things, I can’t keep making things for my own home. It will soon become a fabric house! If someone else likes my things and wishes to buy something, then bingo, it will be a good result all round. If no one buys anything, then I guess I know what everyone’s Christmas presents will be this year hee hee 🙂

I love my latest pillow (even if I do say so myself) I made up the owl Appliqué myself last night and hand sewn it together. The nice thing was it allowed me to use some odd scraps of material that I knew not to throw away for the small details. The other materials are

1) A nightshirt (unused) from a car boot sale

2) A white sheet that I have been using for most of my pillows that is finally coming to an end

3) The red satin on the reverse was gifted to me by one of my lovely friends (I’ve got about 2 metres of it)

So really, cost wise, all it has cost is a bit of my time. After a day at work and not hitting the gym this evening, I was thankful to have something to do that stopped me from hitting the biscuit tin!

You like? Xxx


With the sun shining, it inspired me to create a happy bright pillow. Butterflies came to mind and I fancied doing something a bit different to how I would normally create a pillow. I wanted to use the chiffon I gained yesterday. So I ended up with this…..

Im not 100% pleased with it. I have made a few errors, but its how to learn the best isn’t it.

Im loving my sewing machine, it particular the embroidery feature which is how I created the flower detail on the back of this one.

I need to get me plenty of cotton!!