To sell or not to sell?

A friend of mine mentioned to me at the beginning of the week that she thinks I should try and turn my hobby into an income and make stuff and sell it.

I brushed this off initially as I only make things for myself.  However, after pondering for a few days, I’m tempted to stockpile some of my makes and perhaps have a stall at a craft fayre or something similar. I’m concerned that although I like the things I make, will others be willing to buy it. If so how much should I ask for?

I work full time along with running a home and family etc and to fit in some sewing isn’t always possible every evening.. Would I turn my hobby into a chore and loose heart?

Although the thought of making some extra cash is quite a nice thought!

Does anyone else sell their makes? Any advise or opinions greatly received 🙂 xxx

Pillow sampleimage