Pillow full of Love <3 xxx

So.. Whilst I am wrestling with my crochet squares, I thought I should keep the blog updated with some projects that have been completed.

My refreshed love of making things came about last year after I found myself collecting things that I knew I could eventually make something with.  Not knowing at the time what I wanted to make.  My sister gave me some material and there came my idea of cushions.  Having made cushions as a teenager before,  I set too with my needle and thread.

I created a pretty set of three cushions all made from the same materials.  Some of it is new material, the gingham is an old summer school dress I brought from a car boot sale.  The red is a set of old cotton napkins I brought from a charity shop!

I love the reverse of this cushion, It is brought together by buttons with a ribbon hoop,  finsished off with another ribbon bow for decoration (the cute red ribbon bows are from christmas cracker decorations, I am obsessed with deconstructing things for the possible ‘makey makey’ factor as it is know in my house!)

I must say, the reverse of my cushions seem to be where I find myself putting in a lot of detail. I feel the back is just as important as the front.

This pillow was my first use of ‘interfacing webbing’.  I didnt know what I was asking for in the haberdashery shop.  My opening line to the lady in the shop was “I need some of that stuff you iron on material that stops it from fraying” She laughed, but was most helpful and explained to me how to use it.  I have been back many a time since with more bizarre requests for stuff I dont know about!

This pillow is 1 of 3, I shall put the others on soon

Thanks for taking the time to look 🙂