Mixed feelings.

Today was my first ‘sale’. It was held at a Christmas fete and I’m not sure my audience was what I had anticipated. 

I anxiously arrived and set out my stall with my mum, her stall looked fab with all of her knitted items. I felt a bit bulky and out of place. 

I sold 9 of my pillows and had an array of compliments for my designs and selection. I haven’t set out to make a living from my makes, if anything I thought selling anything would be a bonus. So on the whole I’m pleased, but I feel that I should’ve done better. I shall try another one next year with a more ‘crafty’ theme and hopefully have a bit more luck. 

Regardless…i a great day out with my mum and really enjoyed it 🙂 



The stash!!

So I’ve been busy sewing but not so busy blogging. I’ve been spending the last few weeks sewing more pillows ready for the Christmas fete on Saturday. It wasn’t until I got them all out this morning to see how many inserts I needed to buy that I realised just how many I’ve got. 

I went to a little vintage fete yesterday for inspiration, there are some very talented people around, i must say I’m a little worried that my pillows will be a flop. But it’s got to be worth a go hey? 

Here is the collection: 



Zip, Zip, Hooray !!!


Another Sunday where I have managed to get creative!! Also another first…I have successfully sewn in zips to two new pillows! I checked the how to guide of my sewing book and took a peak on YouTube, then jumped in, needle first and went for it! Now they aren’t professional and I’m sure have faults, but for my first go..I’m impressed!

The material I used was gifted to me from a friend, which is currently stocked in John Lewis in various colours. It’s a lovely thick fabric and was great to sew with. I don’t have much left, so I will use the rest carefully.

I then went on a bit of a roll and also made a seat cushion for a chair in my bedroom and a matching mat for my new dressing table.

I think they look lovely and have added a nice splash of colour to my room…

Hope you like them 🙂



What to do next?

I seem to spend my spare minutes trawling the Internet looking for new ideas And inspiration. 

I seem to be flooding with enthusiasm to create more makeymakes. I am having a ‘crafty Wednesday’ with my daughter tomorrow night to make some fun felt animals we found on Pinterest. I am really looking forward to that, it will be fun!

I know I should plod on with my patchwork quilt but I’m keen to get stuck into something different. Inspired by a fellow blogger I’m keen to get some wool and start some crochet squares to see where that leads. Now, crochet requires my full attention and all my books out to get me through the simplest of patterns. I’ve found some fun examples of crochet squares online. One incorporates an owl pattern which interests me. 

but I think I maybe testing my limited skills with that! I may have a practice run with some spare wool tonight.

I’ve saved an interesting jar that once hosted a candle which I seem to have 100 different plans for of how to decorate or fill it.

I’m certainly enjoying my new love of creating!

So many ideas and not enough time….