And today I made this….

I have had a fantastic day today!

I locked myself away in the sewing den and made sure I didn’t emerge until I had finished this quilt I have made for my nieces friend who has had a baby called Rupert.  So quite clearly, my make was ‘Rupert The Bear’ themed. I was so eager to get started on this new project.  It’s the first time I have made something that someone has asked for, I felt on a complete mission!

The rupert fabric was quite difficult to source, after a bit if bartering with a seller on eBay I managed to purchase these squares.  (If anyone has any of this fabric in the form of curtains/duvets, you’re sitting on a gold mine!)

I was slightly scared whilst cutting out the squares, I felt so responsible for this vintage material! I’ve never cut so slowly in my life!


I then went shopping yesterday and purchased some fabrics that I thought would match well and some nice thick wadding. I also found a Rupert The bear book, so I put that with it too.

I created a pattern and set to work.



Bearing in mind I am very new to this quilting lark, I am extremely pleased with the finished piece. I found the hardest part was binding it, quite clearly there is a nack to it that I have yet to perfect. I unpicked it twice!!

So…after a whole day locked away, this is my creation…what do you think??