Pretty owl <3

Yes I’ve been at it again! To be honest I think my sewing machine has become a bit of an addiction this week. The more I learn the more I want to sew. Please bear in mind that I am a complete sewing machine novice And loving every minute of learning.  It is also speeding up my makes dramatically which is spurring me on to make more.

I am also stockpiling my makes as I have been invited to have a stall at a fete in August. The way I see it, I enjoy making things, I can’t keep making things for my own home. It will soon become a fabric house! If someone else likes my things and wishes to buy something, then bingo, it will be a good result all round. If no one buys anything, then I guess I know what everyone’s Christmas presents will be this year hee hee 🙂

I love my latest pillow (even if I do say so myself) I made up the owl Appliqué myself last night and hand sewn it together. The nice thing was it allowed me to use some odd scraps of material that I knew not to throw away for the small details. The other materials are

1) A nightshirt (unused) from a car boot sale

2) A white sheet that I have been using for most of my pillows that is finally coming to an end

3) The red satin on the reverse was gifted to me by one of my lovely friends (I’ve got about 2 metres of it)

So really, cost wise, all it has cost is a bit of my time. After a day at work and not hitting the gym this evening, I was thankful to have something to do that stopped me from hitting the biscuit tin!

You like? Xxx


Love Birds <3 xxx


Finally after some cat fussing, shopping and dinner I have completed my latest make. !!

A lovely bird pillow. I keep looking at it thinking its missing something, so I may end up tweaking it over the next few days. Once I Suss out what it is that’s lacking. I’m pleased with the outcome, it looks very cheerful.


To sell or not to sell?

A friend of mine mentioned to me at the beginning of the week that she thinks I should try and turn my hobby into an income and make stuff and sell it.

I brushed this off initially as I only make things for myself.  However, after pondering for a few days, I’m tempted to stockpile some of my makes and perhaps have a stall at a craft fayre or something similar. I’m concerned that although I like the things I make, will others be willing to buy it. If so how much should I ask for?

I work full time along with running a home and family etc and to fit in some sewing isn’t always possible every evening.. Would I turn my hobby into a chore and loose heart?

Although the thought of making some extra cash is quite a nice thought!

Does anyone else sell their makes? Any advise or opinions greatly received 🙂 xxx

Pillow sampleimage



A Puurrrfect finish :)

Ta-dah !! Finally after many interruptions and some long hours sewing, I have completed my pussy cats door stop. Although I have not weighted it, so I’m not sure if it will be used as a doorstop or not.

I loved seeing this project grow and it was great when I finally got around to assembling it today

The material was sourced from various places. Some I had in stock and some is recycled shirts I brought from a car boot sale. The jewels are some costume earrings I purchased in a sale. I do enjoy using reclaimed materials and turning them into something. It’s amazing how far an old shirt can go. The patterns can be quite interesting and the also come with buttons.

hope you like it ….

Getting there slowly….

I am chipping  away at my cat doorstop.

I have a new kitten in our house, which has slowed my progress. As you can imagine, with cute kitten eyes staring at me, I’m easily distracted.

This is my distraction :)

This is my distraction 🙂


3 cats done

I just have 2 more cats to do then to assemble them and stuff them. Hopefully I will have finished by they weekend



Apologies for my lack of blogging. I had the sad experience of my much loved cat ‘Oscar’ passing away suddenly last week. It left me with not much enthusiasm to do much.

I have decided to turn my grief for him towards a fitting tribute. I have found a great pattern for a cat doorstop that I have began to work on.

I will keep my blog updated with its progress….

This is Oscar amongst my materials when I was making the flower appliqué cushion.

This is Oscar amongst my materials when I was making the flower appliqué cushion.

This is part of the pattern for the doorstop which is 5 cats joined together in total.

This is part of the pattern for the doorstop which is 5 cats joined together in total

This is my progress so far...

This is my progress so far…

As you can see it is quite a large task for me. I am determined to do it well and make a good job of it. The hardest and longest pats are tracing out the patterns and making the stencils.

The flowered material is an old shirt which I will try and work into each cat along the way. The other materials so far are from what I’ve already had in stock.