Cat and Mouse

What a great evening me and my daughter had last night, getting crafty, creating these little monsters.

My daughter loved the little mouse and cute little ears.  I am  a cat lover and fell in love with the cute little cat.

I brought myself a lot of felt last month from a market stall and knew it would come in handy for something.  My daughter went all out and brought her own sheet of grey for her mouse.

We sat for a couple of hours at the dining table with full consentration whilst our little animals grew and developed.  We have both used cute little black beads for eyes and have sewn on the detials using embroidery thread from my cross stitch days.. (ooo, cross stitch, now there is another plan for my 1000’s of ideas I have at the moment)

It was a lovely evening spent with my daughter and we are both happy with our creations.

now then…what to make next? I think I’m off to the wool shop this weekend. Time to try my hand at crochet