Easter bunny

Oh, it has been so long since I have made anything! 

I had lots of lovely sewing items for Xmas, cutting mat, new scissors, sewing box, rotary cutter etc. it seems to have been the kiss of death for my sewing days! …..until tonight, when I took myself away and had some time in my sewing room. After flicking through my magazines for inspiration, I came across this cute bunny pattern. 

overall, it has turned out ok, but my lack of experience leaves a few glitches. Like how to sew the body parts together without seeing the stitches. 

In general it isn’t too bad I suppose, but now I need inspiration for something else…back to my books… 



Birmingham NEC craft exhibition.

Oooooo…what a day 🙂

Me and my mum have spent the day looking around the craft exhibition! It was huge..so many stalls..so much to buy..so much money spent 🙂 I have had an amazing time and can’t wait to get stuck into some more cushion making this weekend ready for the christmas fayre I’m doing with my mum at the end of the month.

Anyone else going or have been to the show?


Read all about it

I was delighted when I came across this book in TK Maxx a few weeks ago. It has the instructions of how to sew pretty much everything inside. Some of which is a bit beyond my novice understanding yet,  I think this will be a reference that I come back to as I go along. 


Im back to work this week, back in the rat race of working days and busy nights juggling family, gym and house. Not leaving any spare sewing time.  Im itching to get back into the sewing den. 

Also if you have read one of my previous blogs ‘Bring out the Bunting – My dresser arrived on Saturday, which I immediately filled with my goodies I have collected and hung my bunting on it.  I love it ❤ 


Cute cat pillow

And today’s little creation is this cute cat pillow.

I am totally a cat-a-holic !! I have three in my house and given half a chance I would have a houseful.  My retiring dream would be to own a house and convert it into a cat sanctuary for unwanted cats. I love the little furry creatures xxx

So it delighted me to make this pillow today. The motif is from a patchwork magazine I brought ages ago (where I also made the cat doorstop from) It is meant to be part of a big patchwork throw, but I’ve just used the one motif to create this. I’ve used several pieces of material to make it a little different.  I used the motif stitch on my sewing machine too which got a Lot easier the more I went on.  I’ve added a cute love heart button for its nose and hand stitched the remaining details.  Then finished it off with a little bow.

At the moment this lives in my sewing den, but I think I might put it more on show somewhere xxx

Pretty lunch bag!

It’s has been so long since I last blogged. Life has been so hectic! what with being busy at work all day, hitting the gym most evenings and having some hot and sticky weekends, this hasn’t left much time to sew.  Which doesn’t please me as I love to sew. Unfortunately we can’t do it all can we.

My new healthy routine now involves me taking my own lunch to work and ensuring I’ve got plenty of fruit to nibble on. (which is working by the way, I’ve lost 21lb so far!) I normally take all of this to work in any bag I can find in the cupboard and have been thinking for a while about making my own. So this evening after work, I set to making a lunch bag. Please bear in mind that I have never made a bag before.

I made the size of the bag with what I take to work in mind. It was rather taxing at times, not knowing what order to sew it all in! I’ve even managed to even sew in a lining!!! Now it’s not perfect as far as professionals go, but for me, it’s another little something that I’ve taught myself to make. I’m very happy with my little bag!

Im even strangely looking forward to Monday so I can take it to work and show it off.

Hope you like it xxx

image image image image image

When work gets in the way of play!

I have been so busy at work that my sewing has had to take a back seat. I have been twitching to get stuck back in! I have re arranged a room in my house to become my sewing den, purchased me a vintage table to match my vintage storage unit, so I’m good to go! 

I have this weekend off work, so after I have punished myself at the gym for 2 hours tomorrow morning, I shall retire to my quarters and sew!!!! 


Birds on a wire

This is my other pillow that I completed yesterday. I actually got the idea from a colleague.  I hunted down some bird templates from the Internet and resized them.

once again the material has been gifted to me. The main beige colour is a lovely soft chenille. It’s the first time I have properly used the motif stitch using my sewing machine. I researched how to use it properly and gained some technique advise. The wire that the birds are on is another interest stitch from my machine.  I am really pleased with it. It isn’t a standard size, so I will have to make my own pillow insert.

i think I will make a few more of these maybe using different variations of colour.

Hope you like it 🙂


I even made my own trim!

I even made my own trim!

Reverse of pillow

This is macie, my British shorthair helping out with measuring the fabric. She's good like that ;)

This is macie, my British shorthair helping out with measuring the fabric. She’s good like that 😉