Quick Sunday sew.

Despite my good intentions to have hours to spare sewing today, this is not the case. Mainly due to a lazy start to the day drinking tea and reading magazines in bed! That’s what Sundays are really for though hey.

Then the dreaded food shop took about 2 hours, followed by hoovering, washing bla bla bla…. We all know how our good intentions are easily distracted!

I finally managed a couple of hours down in the sewing den (in between pegging washing out) and I created this funky camper van pillow from the fabrics I brought yesterday. I will make some co ordinating pillows to go with it another day.

Now I’m off to see my lovely niece for her birthday and then I’ve got to juggle some studying and the ironing in later. Relaxing Sundays ? Nah!! I’d rather keep busy 🙂

Hope you like it …..