Stocking up the Stash !!

I promised myself that today I would make time to go to the sewing shops to check out the stock.

I found two shops in a local town which I could have been in for hours was it not for having the bloke with me. He is quite enthusiastic, but not in the way that we like to delve through the shelves for ages enthusiastic! I must return to these shops with my mum!

I did treat myself to a few new bits and bobs. Some lovely fat quarters, one has a camper van pattern on and another pretty one.

I purchased some ribbons ready for Xmas makes, some embroidery scissors, another seam ripper as I keep losing the somehow?

Then I took myself off to the wool shop and brought a navy, deep red and Christmas green wool. Just waiting for some inspiration.

All I need now is some time to create something…hopefully tomorrow 🙂




All wrapped up :)

Ok, I’m on a roll!!

Day three of my week off work and I have finished my third project.  A pretty cover for my sewing machine.

In true ‘me’ style, I had a few glitches along the way.  Mainly being I hadn’t allowed for the fact my machine cover is curved, I could’ve done with allowing another few centemetres of fabric. It’s rather ‘snug’ shall we say. But hey, it fits!

The material I have had for a while waiting for inspiration, it had to belong somewhere in my sewing room.  I think its lovely, it has a fun pattern of little sewing machines, cotton reels, scissors etc, so it’s perfect for what I’ve used it for.

I finished it off with a big draping bow to add a little something different to it and to cover up the handle area.

It sits pride of place on my sewing table, which is a vintage drop leaf table I snapped up for a bargain off eBay a few weeks ago! I love a bargain!


Pretty placemats

On a scale of 1/10, I must say I am over the moon with today’s creation and give myself a near 9! I have made four placemats to add my own touch to our dining table.

Ive been on the hunt for some pretty ones for a while and have only just had the brainwave to make my own. The poppy flower material is a linen Laura Ashley fabric that was amongst one of the gifted stashes given to my by a friend. The boarder is a matchired deep red linen I have added. The reverse IOC the mats are of the same plain red.

I will be honest and say that my edges aren’t necessarily dead straight, but I love them. Especially when they are dressed with the other items on the table sourced from various places, which I knew one day, would somehow all come together.

I guess I need to make some napkins to complete the table ………..

Hope you like them 🙂

Birds on a wire

This is my other pillow that I completed yesterday. I actually got the idea from a colleague.  I hunted down some bird templates from the Internet and resized them.

once again the material has been gifted to me. The main beige colour is a lovely soft chenille. It’s the first time I have properly used the motif stitch using my sewing machine. I researched how to use it properly and gained some technique advise. The wire that the birds are on is another interest stitch from my machine.  I am really pleased with it. It isn’t a standard size, so I will have to make my own pillow insert.

i think I will make a few more of these maybe using different variations of colour.

Hope you like it 🙂


I even made my own trim!

I even made my own trim!

Reverse of pillow

This is macie, my British shorthair helping out with measuring the fabric. She's good like that ;)

This is macie, my British shorthair helping out with measuring the fabric. She’s good like that 😉

Storage solution

This blog is related to my sewing … Honest 🙂

I have gained so much ‘stuff’ during my sewing journey so far. I have been storing my delights in various boxes and containers stashed in my wardrobe. It was beginning to take over the wardrobe, so I have been out today and purchased me a vintage sideboard. It has loads of storage (or had, I’ve filled it!)I love it! It also so has some handy drawers for storing ‘bits and bobs’

whilt I was hunting around the second hand furniture shop, I also came across an old singer sewing machine. I didn’t buy it, but had to take a photo!

Look at this beauty!

Full up already!

I love it!

My little kitten dexter was most helpful with a suggestion of how to use one of the empty storage boxes!

My little kitten dexter was most helpful with a suggestion of how to use one of the empty storage boxes!

Christmas has come early ?

I am soooooo excited 🙂

A friend of mine who has connections in fabric places has gifted me heaps off material ! Now, when she text me to say that she had a big full I wasn’t expecting the amazing collection and selection of what was in the bag.

I emptied the bag out on the floor as soon as I got home to check out my treasure. Feeling like a child at Christmas (one of those Christmases when you get more than you ever dreamed of) I was in sheer delight with my stash.

There are so many wonderful colours, patterns and fabrics that I can’t wait to give them a new lease of life. I better put my thinking cap on! More pillows I suspect 😉

Thank you Mandy ❤

What a collection :)

What a collection 🙂