All the gear but no idea!

I had fun mooching around the charity shops today.
Excited indeed I was when I came across a ‘sewing’ section!! I am determined at some point of my sewing journey I may even learn to make an item of clothing! So when I stumbled across loads of sewing patterns, I had to buy them all!! (Slight addictive obsessive disorder)

Amongst my find also was a large amount of fabric, some Aida for my future cross stitch! (Cough cough) And some embroidery transfers.

As the title said, I’ve got all the gear, but no idea!! I need to do more making and less talking about it !
But hey…what an impressive find!





Pretty lunch bag!

It’s has been so long since I last blogged. Life has been so hectic! what with being busy at work all day, hitting the gym most evenings and having some hot and sticky weekends, this hasn’t left much time to sew.  Which doesn’t please me as I love to sew. Unfortunately we can’t do it all can we.

My new healthy routine now involves me taking my own lunch to work and ensuring I’ve got plenty of fruit to nibble on. (which is working by the way, I’ve lost 21lb so far!) I normally take all of this to work in any bag I can find in the cupboard and have been thinking for a while about making my own. So this evening after work, I set to making a lunch bag. Please bear in mind that I have never made a bag before.

I made the size of the bag with what I take to work in mind. It was rather taxing at times, not knowing what order to sew it all in! I’ve even managed to even sew in a lining!!! Now it’s not perfect as far as professionals go, but for me, it’s another little something that I’ve taught myself to make. I’m very happy with my little bag!

Im even strangely looking forward to Monday so I can take it to work and show it off.

Hope you like it xxx

image image image image image

Birds on a wire

This is my other pillow that I completed yesterday. I actually got the idea from a colleague.  I hunted down some bird templates from the Internet and resized them.

once again the material has been gifted to me. The main beige colour is a lovely soft chenille. It’s the first time I have properly used the motif stitch using my sewing machine. I researched how to use it properly and gained some technique advise. The wire that the birds are on is another interest stitch from my machine.  I am really pleased with it. It isn’t a standard size, so I will have to make my own pillow insert.

i think I will make a few more of these maybe using different variations of colour.

Hope you like it 🙂


I even made my own trim!

I even made my own trim!

Reverse of pillow

This is macie, my British shorthair helping out with measuring the fabric. She's good like that ;)

This is macie, my British shorthair helping out with measuring the fabric. She’s good like that 😉

It must be the weekend?


Its the weekend 😦 why the sad face? …… I’ve got loads to do that doesn’t involve me making much. I’ve got house painting to do, a session at the gym (desperately trying to loose some weight), washing etc.. And then I’m working tomorrow, food shopping…. Need I go on. I am hoping to sneak in something creative at some point. There just isn’t enough hours in a day!


Hopefully, I will get my little cross stitch project finished this weekend ready to insert into something next week.


A Puurrrfect finish :)

Ta-dah !! Finally after many interruptions and some long hours sewing, I have completed my pussy cats door stop. Although I have not weighted it, so I’m not sure if it will be used as a doorstop or not.

I loved seeing this project grow and it was great when I finally got around to assembling it today

The material was sourced from various places. Some I had in stock and some is recycled shirts I brought from a car boot sale. The jewels are some costume earrings I purchased in a sale. I do enjoy using reclaimed materials and turning them into something. It’s amazing how far an old shirt can go. The patterns can be quite interesting and the also come with buttons.

hope you like it ….

Still sewing

My cat project seems to be taking forever. Juggling work with home and a new kitten has left me with not much time to sew. My aim was to complete the cats this weekend, I think I should have given myself more time. I aim to get it finished soon. But have a busy week ahead, so don’t hold out much hope.

Here is my progress so far….

I have the final body parts for the last cat to assemble.

I have the final body parts for the last cat to assemble.

Not necessarily with the body parts in the right order

Not necessarily with the body parts in the right order


The pattern is meant to be a doorstop, but I’m not sure if I will just stuff it and use it as a display piece instead.