What’s next?

I’m twitching again to try something different. I’ve got my squares all prepared to carry on with the patchwork quilt. I feel the need to start something else. (Well, I have read some people’s stories about their quilts and they can take years to make)

i have empty jars awaiting some fantastic master plan but I can’t quite get the gist of what to do with them. I’ve been hoarding more material sourced from here, there and every where Like the world is about to run out. I want to make a roman blind for my daughters bedroom, buntin for the kitchen, a cloth for the kitchen (the ones to hold hot pans and the stove kettle handle when it’s hot). So many ideas, but not a clue where to start!

So, today whilst out shopping, I brought this small cross stitch project. I’m thinking of making it and then incorporating it in either a pillow or the kitchen cloth thing. Or maybe for it to be nothing more than it is, just a pretty piece of cross stitch.

Its been a few years since I have done any cross stitch, but surely I can remember how to do it and follow the pattern.



A Puurrrfect finish :)

Ta-dah !! Finally after many interruptions and some long hours sewing, I have completed my pussy cats door stop. Although I have not weighted it, so I’m not sure if it will be used as a doorstop or not.

I loved seeing this project grow and it was great when I finally got around to assembling it today

The material was sourced from various places. Some I had in stock and some is recycled shirts I brought from a car boot sale. The jewels are some costume earrings I purchased in a sale. I do enjoy using reclaimed materials and turning them into something. It’s amazing how far an old shirt can go. The patterns can be quite interesting and the also come with buttons.

hope you like it ….

Getting there slowly….

I am chipping  away at my cat doorstop.

I have a new kitten in our house, which has slowed my progress. As you can imagine, with cute kitten eyes staring at me, I’m easily distracted.

This is my distraction :)

This is my distraction 🙂


3 cats done

I just have 2 more cats to do then to assemble them and stuff them. Hopefully I will have finished by they weekend



Apologies for my lack of blogging. I had the sad experience of my much loved cat ‘Oscar’ passing away suddenly last week. It left me with not much enthusiasm to do much.

I have decided to turn my grief for him towards a fitting tribute. I have found a great pattern for a cat doorstop that I have began to work on.

I will keep my blog updated with its progress….

This is Oscar amongst my materials when I was making the flower appliqué cushion.

This is Oscar amongst my materials when I was making the flower appliqué cushion.

This is part of the pattern for the doorstop which is 5 cats joined together in total.

This is part of the pattern for the doorstop which is 5 cats joined together in total

This is my progress so far...

This is my progress so far…

As you can see it is quite a large task for me. I am determined to do it well and make a good job of it. The hardest and longest pats are tracing out the patterns and making the stencils.

The flowered material is an old shirt which I will try and work into each cat along the way. The other materials so far are from what I’ve already had in stock.


I’m on a roll!

So..here is a matching pillow for my owl affair. I might put some owls on this one too,

Quite amusingly the reverse of the pillow is made from the button band of an old work shirt! There is no longer such a thing as waste clothes in my house. I will soon be taking the buttons from everyone’s clothes


what shall I make next? …….