The stash!!

So I’ve been busy sewing but not so busy blogging. I’ve been spending the last few weeks sewing more pillows ready for the Christmas fete on Saturday. It wasn’t until I got them all out this morning to see how many inserts I needed to buy that I realised just how many I’ve got. 

I went to a little vintage fete yesterday for inspiration, there are some very talented people around, i must say I’m a little worried that my pillows will be a flop. But it’s got to be worth a go hey? 

Here is the collection: 




Zip, Zip, Hooray !!!


Another Sunday where I have managed to get creative!! Also another first…I have successfully sewn in zips to two new pillows! I checked the how to guide of my sewing book and took a peak on YouTube, then jumped in, needle first and went for it! Now they aren’t professional and I’m sure have faults, but for my first go..I’m impressed!

The material I used was gifted to me from a friend, which is currently stocked in John Lewis in various colours. It’s a lovely thick fabric and was great to sew with. I don’t have much left, so I will use the rest carefully.

I then went on a bit of a roll and also made a seat cushion for a chair in my bedroom and a matching mat for my new dressing table.

I think they look lovely and have added a nice splash of colour to my room…

Hope you like them 🙂



Triangular pair

Once again it feels like forever since I blogged. I’ve had a manic October so far!

It was my birthday and my other half brought me this fantastic plaque for my sewing room


It’s great isn’t it, I love it ❤

I then completed a 10k extreme obstacle course on the 12th, which involved all sorts of crazy things, swamps, cargo nets, iced water, mud, mud and more mud! A lot of my time has been spent at the gym trying to get as fit for it as possible. I raised £800 for cancer research and feel pretty pleased!
Here's a few mud shots:


I finally got into my sewing room tonight! Its been too long… I created this pair of pillows inspired my a new book I have purchased, for patchwork and quilting. I have used various materials to jazz them up. I think they would look nice with some ditsy floral fabric too, I will try and make another pair at the weekend in different colours. The buttons in the middle are to disguise the fact I could get all the squares and triangles in line! I’m trying to suss out techniques to sort out these little issues I come across. Maybe I should read these sewing books I buy rather than just looking at the pictures! They turned out ok, I think they are quite funky!



My little cat also came in with me and helped the best he could 🙂 he loves exploring my stuff when I’ve got it all out. Inquisitive little cat he is:


My next mission is to try and sew in a zip to one of my cushions…I’m sure it will be interesting if nothing else!

Quick Sunday sew.

Despite my good intentions to have hours to spare sewing today, this is not the case. Mainly due to a lazy start to the day drinking tea and reading magazines in bed! That’s what Sundays are really for though hey.

Then the dreaded food shop took about 2 hours, followed by hoovering, washing bla bla bla…. We all know how our good intentions are easily distracted!

I finally managed a couple of hours down in the sewing den (in between pegging washing out) and I created this funky camper van pillow from the fabrics I brought yesterday. I will make some co ordinating pillows to go with it another day.

Now I’m off to see my lovely niece for her birthday and then I’ve got to juggle some studying and the ironing in later. Relaxing Sundays ? Nah!! I’d rather keep busy 🙂

Hope you like it …..




Quick cat pillow

It has felt like forever since I last got in my sewing room and created something! I decided to have a selfish session on Wednesday and locked myself away!

It’s another pillow, using the same cat motif as last time as I think it is cute. I used an assortment of linen fabric for the actual pillow and used mainly cut offs for the motif.

I will put this one with my stash! I’m doing a Christmas fete with my mum in November, she also likes to make things, so it will hopefully make a nice addition.



Cute cat pillow

And today’s little creation is this cute cat pillow.

I am totally a cat-a-holic !! I have three in my house and given half a chance I would have a houseful.  My retiring dream would be to own a house and convert it into a cat sanctuary for unwanted cats. I love the little furry creatures xxx

So it delighted me to make this pillow today. The motif is from a patchwork magazine I brought ages ago (where I also made the cat doorstop from) It is meant to be part of a big patchwork throw, but I’ve just used the one motif to create this. I’ve used several pieces of material to make it a little different.  I used the motif stitch on my sewing machine too which got a Lot easier the more I went on.  I’ve added a cute love heart button for its nose and hand stitched the remaining details.  Then finished it off with a little bow.

At the moment this lives in my sewing den, but I think I might put it more on show somewhere xxx