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I was delighted when I came across this book in TK Maxx a few weeks ago. It has the instructions of how to sew pretty much everything inside. Some of which is a bit beyond my novice understanding yet,  I think this will be a reference that I come back to as I go along. 


Im back to work this week, back in the rat race of working days and busy nights juggling family, gym and house. Not leaving any spare sewing time.  Im itching to get back into the sewing den. 

Also if you have read one of my previous blogs ‘Bring out the Bunting – My dresser arrived on Saturday, which I immediately filled with my goodies I have collected and hung my bunting on it.  I love it ❤ 



Bring out the bunting !

Today’s little project was bunting.

I have brought a small kitchen dresser from eBay which will be delivered on Saturday.  It will need a little love and I thought some bunting will help turn it into something to match my new love of everything ‘vintage’

This is another sewing first for me, but was really easy. Just a case of cutting some triangles, sewing them together and turning them around and ironing them flat. I made the trim across the top too (binding? Or bias binding? Not too sure of its terminology) I then sewn it all together! Viola! Bunting in just over an hour!

Now just a case of being patient and waiting for the arrival of the dresser….