I’m not naturally full of great ideas. I love to look at other peoples work and find it fascinating where their ideas came from.

I sat in my room yesterday with all my ‘stuff’ out trying to think what to make. The best I came up with was these key rings. The idea was for them to look rustic, I’m unsure if the just look ‘tatty’?


I then sat there going through my fabrics and decided to embark on another quilt, which it haven’t finished yet, but here is how far I’ve got. I’m working on the same idea as my cat quilt, but with different fabrics. I think the cute animal squares are great. I intend on adding some other appliqués to it to jazz it up..awaiting great idea!

image image

I have no idea what to do with it when I’ve finished it though. I’m sure it’ll find a home somewhere.


Cats, quilts and new adventures!

I visited the NEC with my mum last week for another craft show ‘sewing for pleasure’. Once again, I left in total awe of the talented people there and their amazing abilities. I went there quite clearly with cats & quilts on the brain. I came away with cat fabric, bias binding and wadding.

So..at the weekend I embarked on a new project.  A patchwork quilt for my cats to sit on in my sewing room.  The fabric patterns are squares with cats on along with some sewing patterned fabric.  The quilt says it all for me really, my love of sewing combined with my obsessive love of cats 🙂

this was my first attempt at bias binding and it certainly looks easier than it actually is to use. I have some ‘puckering’ of the bias? Any suggestions what I have done wrong to have that happen folks? I used 2 different colours too (the lengths I brought were not long enough, so had to improvise) so my corners aren’t great? In general, I am over the moon with my first attempt.

I found a template for the cute cat heart patch to put in the corner to finish it off too! I love it !

The big test will be if I can actually allow my furry friends to sit on it 🙂


A square evening.

I’m in between projects and unsure of my next move so I pulled out my patchwork quilt. I have been hand sewing the squares so far but now that my sewing machine is up and running I have used it this evening. I am so impressed with how much faster the whole thing is. I flew through 4 rows in next to no time.

Im not sure what the correct method is or even if there is one. I’m just happily sewing my squares together. I’m not sure how big to make it either. I suppose I will know when to stop!

Once again my lovely kitties thought it would be nice to help. They love laying all over my material and giving me a helping hand! Little imps !




Yay!!! Squares!!!


Woohooo!! After another evening of tangled wool and a few choice words, I have successfully created two crochet squares! (I say patting my own back)

now I know that the more experienced crocheter will see the flaws but to me, they are just great! I found a really simple step by step guide online, with pictures. I intend to keep practicing with different square variations and hopefully end up with something.

This is now my second WIP with my patchwork quilt being the other one.

I am really enjoying my love of crafts and these little projects that I keep finding.  I hope to keep progressing through various makes and create some wonderful things. 

Right now, these squares will become either a blanket or a pillow.