Love Birds <3 xxx


Finally after some cat fussing, shopping and dinner I have completed my latest make. !!

A lovely bird pillow. I keep looking at it thinking its missing something, so I may end up tweaking it over the next few days. Once I Suss out what it is that’s lacking. I’m pleased with the outcome, it looks very cheerful.



A Puurrrfect finish :)

Ta-dah !! Finally after many interruptions and some long hours sewing, I have completed my pussy cats door stop. Although I have not weighted it, so I’m not sure if it will be used as a doorstop or not.

I loved seeing this project grow and it was great when I finally got around to assembling it today

The material was sourced from various places. Some I had in stock and some is recycled shirts I brought from a car boot sale. The jewels are some costume earrings I purchased in a sale. I do enjoy using reclaimed materials and turning them into something. It’s amazing how far an old shirt can go. The patterns can be quite interesting and the also come with buttons.

hope you like it ….