It must be the weekend?


Its the weekend šŸ˜¦ why the sad face? …… I’ve got loads to do that doesn’t involve me making much. I’ve got house painting to do, a session at the gym (desperately trying to loose some weight), washing etc.. And then I’m working tomorrow, food shopping…. Need I go on. I am hoping to sneak in something creative at some point. There just isn’t enough hours in a day!


Hopefully, I will get my little cross stitch project finished this weekend ready to insert into something next week.



What’s next?

I’m twitching again to try something different. I’ve got my squares all prepared to carry on with the patchwork quilt. I feel the need to start something else. (Well, I have read some people’s stories about their quilts and they can take years to make)

i have empty jars awaiting some fantastic master plan but I can’t quite get the gist of what to do with them. I’ve been hoarding more material sourced from here, there and every where Like the world is about to run out. I want to make a roman blind for my daughters bedroom, buntin for the kitchen, a cloth for the kitchen (the ones to hold hot pans and the stove kettle handle when it’s hot). So many ideas, but not a clue where to start!

So, today whilst out shopping, I brought this small cross stitch project. I’m thinking of making it and then incorporating it in either a pillow or the kitchen cloth thing. Or maybe for it to be nothing more than it is, just a pretty piece of cross stitch.

Its been a few years since I have done any cross stitch, but surely I can remember how to do it and follow the pattern.