A little about Me

me for blog

Welcome to my Blog 🙂

My name is Angela and I am a 37 year old mum of two. I live with my partner Chris and My Daughter who is 13 years old. My son is currently stationed in Germany in the Army.

I have always found all things homemade really interesting and from a young age use to make clothes for my Barbie Dolls and my own cushions.  The stuffing often coming from unwanted teddy bears.  Shame on Me !!  I love nothing better than a mooch around the habidashery departments and market stalls in awe at all the shiney buttons and ribbon, material, wool, cotton… I could go on.

In the past my impatients has let me down when I have tried to make things and I have often rushed to finish projects and often with little planning.  I have leaned to slow down, plan ahead and set my stall out before rushing in to my makes, which I feel has resulted in me producing some much better things.

I do however lack imagination and have to trawl the internet, magazines and books for inspiration.  Once I see something and start it, my imagination then kicks in and I find ideas to add my own twist on things.

At the start of this blog, I thought my makes would mainly revolve around sewing, but since have been inspired by fellow bloggers and websites to try my had at all sorts.

I have also just purchased a sewing machine, that I have no clue whatsoever how to use, so I shall log my progress with that along the way too.

I hope you enjoy my blog and find my makes interesting somehow



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